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Our Landscape Design Process

The landscape division at Rolling Hills Nursery & Landscaping has kept York County yards looking good for years. We offer many different services for all phases of landscape development.



Have a landscape designer come to you and evaluate your property. Get suggestions on how to achieve your landscaping goals.



Computer-generated color plans with all plants labeled for your convenience.



Experienced crews prepare your soil and offer expert installation for plants, trees, and shrubs.



Routine maintenance to keep your yard looking its best. Weed control, mulching, fertilization, pruning, and application of insecticides and fungicides.

Landscape Consultation Service

Are you thinking of upgrading your landscaping but aren’t sure what to do? Rolling Hills Nursery & Landscaping can help! No matter if you want to add just a few new touches or start over from scratch, our landscape consultation service will give you a plan to work from.


Full-Time Designer.

We employ a full-time landscape designer on our staff. That’s not something every nursery or landscaping company can claim—and you certainly won’t find it at a big box store.


We Come To You.

When you’re ready to start your project, just call us to schedule your landscape consultation. There is an initial consultation fee. Our landscape designer will set up an appointment to meet you at your house and walk over the grounds. This process takes about an hour.


Each Project is Custom.

During your consultation, the designer will talk with you about what you wish to achieve with the project. He’ll also ask for any ideas, likes, or dislikes you may have. Then he’ll give you his suggestions for the best way to accomplish your goals.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is beneficial whether you already have ideas or if you aren’t sure where to start. If you need help getting started, consider our full-service landscape consultation, where a landscape designer comes to your property and offers suggestions.

Computer-Generated Landscape Design.

We offer computer-generated landscape design. Each design is computer generated, in color, and drawn to scale. All plants are identified on the plan and you will receive color pictures of the plants to help you recognize them.

Project Management Helps You Manage The Cost.

Once you have the design in hand, we can help you get the project done all at once or in phases. Depending on scope of project, we may divide the project in to areas. In the event you decide not to do the whole project, you can select the areas you would like to do and when you would like them performed.

Honest, Straightforward Pricing

There is a design fee associated with our landscape CAD design process. During the consultation, we will estimate your design cost. The average cost is between $300 – $500. Depending on what you want done, the cost can go up quite a bit. With the design, you get an itemized quote of the cost of the project. This covers cost of plants, materials, and labor.

Landscape Installation

Once you’ve decided how you want your landscaping to look, the next phase is the actual installation of your new plants, trees, and shrubs. Rolling Hills Nursery & Landscaping offers complete landscape installation for all types and sizes of projects.

Experienced and Professional.

We employ experienced crews who know how to properly prepare your lawn and  install your plants. We’ll make sure things are planted at the correct depth and properly spaced throughout your yard.


We Aim For Your Complete Satisfaction.

You can rest assured that our crews will follow any instructions for your landscaping project to the smallest detail. We want you to be completely satisfied with the results for years to come!


Upfront Pricing and Scheduled Service.

If you choose us as your landscape designer, we will prepare a contract with a start date for you to sign. Upon accepting the contract, we require payment of 50% of the contracted price. Once payment is received, your job will be placed in to our installation queue. Before we start, we are required by state law to get all underground utility lines located. This takes a minimum of three days.

Landscape Management

You’ve gotten a professional landscape consultation. You’ve got a set of landscape design plans to work from. Your plants, trees, and shrubs are installed and looking great. Now what? Consider using our landscape management service. We offer a variety of services that will keep flower beds and other landscaped areas looking healthy year after year.

Weed control

Do you hate pulling weeds in flower beds and around your yard? Schedule times for weeding and weed control to keep your landscaping looking its best.


Mulching gives your yard a professional look but it can be a hassle if you try to do it on your own. When you get us to do your landscape management, you’ll no longer have to find a truck, make trips to the store, and load and unload heavy bags or messy piles of mulch.


Our seasonal fertilization service will keep your landscape green and growing. No more wondering what time to fertilize or which fertilizers you need to use. We take all the guesswork out of the process.


Keep your trees and shrubs in great shape with routine pruning. We know the right technique to use for your particular type of trees.


Applying insecticides and fungicides

We have two licensed Pesticide Applicators on staff. They have the knowledge and training to help you solve problems associated with common pests and fungi.

Other services

We also install water gardens and nightlighting.

Questions? Contact us today.

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