Exploring Your Yard’s Microclimates

Have you ever heard of microclimates? This is a fancy word to describe the different conditions that exist within your yard. A few examples are hot spots, shady spots, and damp spots. (You probably already know where these areas are in your yard.) If you’ve visited any retail nursery, including ours, you’re aware that different types of plants do better in our part of the country. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll do well in all parts of your yard. Here are some tips from a South Carolina Master Gardener on how to maximize your microclimates and get beautiful landscaping throughout the year:

  • A quick way to tell if plants are in the right place is to see if they are thriving or struggling. Plants that are growing and blooming as they should are typically in a good spot. Anything that isn’t thriving should be relocated to improve its chances of success.
  • If you have areas of your yard that get more wind, consider planting things with thick or waxy leaves. These will stand up better in windy conditions.
  • Heat and drought tolerant plants should face west. The afternoon sun is stronger in these areas and it will also be hotter and drier.
  • East-facing parts of your yard are great for plants that require full sun or part shade. Sun loving plants will still get their fill but without the heat that comes in the afternoons.
  • If you want to plant anything beside driveways, sidewalks, or walls, choose something that will love the sun and high temperatures. Heat reflects from paved and hardscaped areas so the plants used here will need to be especially heat tolerant.

To learn more about the best plants for your microclimates, visit our retail nursery here at Rolling Hills Nursery & Landscaping in Rock Hill, SC. We’ve got a huge selection of perennials and trees to choose from, plus the expert advice you need to have success in your garden and landscapes.

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