Using Native Plants to Enhance Your Landscape

For many homeowners and gardeners, a trip to the plant nursery is an enjoyable way to spend the day. It’s always exciting to see what types of plants you can find, especially if you see something new and different. However, some nurseries sell plants that aren’t always best for our local area. Often, native plants provide the best chance for success in your garden or landscape.

Native plants are those that grow naturally in a particular geographic area. That may not be something you think about when you shop for plants. But with just a little effort, you can use native plants to enhance your landscape—and take advantage of the important benefits they provide.

First, native plants are more likely to thrive where you live. Over time, plants adapt to the soil, rainfall, and climate of a particular area. For example, plants that do well in the red clay here in Rock Hill may not survive in the sandy soil of the South Carolina coast.

Next, native plants are non-invasive. Some commonly used plants and trees are, in fact, non-native and invasive. This includes species like nandina, wisteria, and Bradford pear. When you choose native plants from a plant nursery, you’re helping combat the spread of species that can do harm to our ecosystem.

Finally, native plants need protection. More land is cleared every year to make way for residential and commercial development. Native plants are lost every time a subdivision or industrial park goes up. Thankfully, homeowners can help reintroduce our native plant species by including them in their landscapes.

Rolling Hills Nursery carries a wide variety of plants that are native to the Rock Hill and York County area. We’re one of the largest retail nurseries in our area, with all types of perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs for sales. Our wholesale plant nursery serves landscape contractors and garden centers throughout our area. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find native plants that will be the perfect substitutes for non-native, invasive species that may be in your landscaping.

For more information about native plants, visit the South Carolina Native Plant Society.

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