Tomorrow, December 21, is the first official day of winter. Although our area has been experiencing cold weather for a few weeks now, the change of seasons means we’ll probably be in for harsher conditions. Along with lower temperatures comes the threat of cold winds, rainy days, and even the possibility of ice and snow. So what should you do to keep your landscaping in the best possible condition for the next three months? Here are some tips from our Rock Hill, SC landscapers on how to prepare for these changing conditions.

  1. Take care of weeds. It’s tempting to let weeds stay where they are. After all, the freezing temperatures should kill them, right? While that may be the case for the weed’s foliage, the seeds are still around. They can fall to the ground and sprout once the weather gets warmer. That’s bad news. Pull the weeds now and reduce your workload for the spring.
  2. Clean up debris. If your flower beds or other landscaped areas are full of old leaves or mulch, go ahead and clean it up. While you’re there, use a rake to move the soil around. This will keep pests and diseases from hibernating in the dirt.
  3. Add compost for protection. This layer will nourish the soil while it’s resting. You’ll have healthier growing matter for your plants come springtime.

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