Daylily, Butterscotch Ruffle

Plant Name: Daylily, Butterscotch Ruffle

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis x ‘Butterscotch Ruffle’

Color: Peach w/ Light Green Throat

Size: #1

Daylilies are one of the easiest things to grow in the Carolinas. They thrive in even the hottest, driest weather and they require relatively little care. However, you may not want your yard to look exactly the same as all your neighbors’. Fortunately, there are many varieties of daylilies to choose from. The Butterscotch Ruffle daylily is one example of a unique variety that will make your home’s landscaping stand out from the rest.

Butterscotch Ruffle has alternating areas of peach and yellow on its petals. Combine that with a light green throat and you’ve got a striking addition to any flower bed or container. It grows up to two feet wide and up to two feet high. Plant in full sun to partial shade and you’ll enjoy these blooms throughout the summer.


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July 17, 2018