Daylily, Dark Eyed Magic

Plant Name: Daylily, Dark Eyed Magic

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis x ‘Dark Eyed Magic

Color: Cream w/ Purple Center

Size: #1

Imagine a bed of daylilies. What colors do you see? In the York County area of South Carolina, you’re probably picturing something yellow or orange – or a dark red. But what if you prefer something different or have a different color palette in your yard? The good news is that there are many varieties of daylilies. At Rolling Hills Nursery & Landscaping, we particularly like the look of the Dark Eyed Magic daylily.

Dark Eyed Magic has ruffled-edge blooms that are a creamy white on the outside with a band of dark purple surrounding a light yellow-green throat. Plant in full sun to partial shade and you’ll enjoy this flower year after year. Blooms are approximately four inches in diameter and grow on scapes that are about two feet high.

To learn more about the Dark Eyed Magic daylily or to purchase some for your yard, visit Rolling Hills Nursery & Landscaping in Rock Hill, SC.


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July 16, 2018