Daylily, Irish Elf

Plant Name: Daylily, Irish Elf

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis x ‘Irish Elf’

Color: Yellow

Size: #1

As you may have guessed from its name, the Irish Elf daylily is a miniature variety. Its petite blooms measure approximately 2 1/4 inches across and form on scapes that are just over a foot tall. Enjoy these cheery yellow flowers, accented by a light green throat, beginning in the early summer. They’ll continue to rebloom through the middle of the season.

Like other daylily varieties, Irish Elf is very easy to grow. If you’re just starting to try out your green thumb, this is a great plant to start with. It grows well in full sun to partial shade and performs in any type of soil. Plant it and watch it thrive!

Thanks to its small size, Irish Elf is particularly good as a cut flower. Snip a few blooms and add them to an arrangement of other summer flowers. Butterflies love them, too!

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August 21, 2018