Daylily, Siloam David Mitkof

Plant Name: Daylily, Siloam David Mitkof

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis x ‘Siloam Daivd Mitkof’

Color: Orchid Lavender

Size: #1

If you love daylilies but are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, check out the Siloam David Mitkof variety. This is a real standout thanks to its lavender petals, dark purple ring, and yellow-green center.

Blooms on this daylily are approximately 3.5″ and grow on stems that are around 16″ tall. When planting, place them approximately 18-24″ apart for best results.

Siloam David Mitkof performs well in just about any type of soil, including the red clay of York County, SC. However, you can do more than just plant them in your flower beds and landscaping. They’re also the perfect size for containers. No matter where you choose to plant them, they’re sure to be one of your favorites!


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August 24, 2016