Hosta, Fire & Ice

Plant Name: Hosta, Fire & Ice

Scientific Name: Hosta x ‘Fire & Ice’

Color: White Green Edge Lavender

Size: #1

The leaves of the Fire & Ice hosta will make a definite impression on anyone who visits your home. Plant these in borders, edging, or gardens and the white leaves with green borders will do the rest. The leaves also have a distinctive twisted growth pattern that adds interest wherever they’re planted. This hosta’s flowers are lavender with white accents. They’ll bloom from June to September, giving you an entire summer’s worth of color. Butterflies and hummingbirds love these flowers, too!

The Fire & Ice is fast growing. It won’t take long to get to its average height of just over a foot. It will spread to between one and two feet wide. Water regularly, especially in extremely hot or dry conditions. Plant in full to partial shade for the best results.


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January 5, 2017